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What to Eat with Sweetpotatoes: 30 Amazing Ideas

If you’re wondering what to eat with sweetpotatoes, this post has a slew of ideas for you, from beef and poultry, to beans, eggs and more!

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Please note that sweetpotatoes is spelled as one word throughout this article, which is the proper spelling. You can learn more here.

Sweetpotatoes are one of the most versatile foods out there. I’ve shared before about 20 awesome ways to use sweetpotatoes.

Please note that sweetpotatoes is spelled as one word, and is not a typo – read here for more information on the spelling!

They pair well with so many other foods, whether it’s proteins, grains, eggs, legumes or other vegetables.

They can also take on so many different flavors, from sweet, to spicy, to savory, to salty and more.

roasted sweet potatoes on baking mat

This is one of many reasons why they are so pleasing to many different palates, and why they work so well for different courses, taste buds, diets, ethnic cuisines and more.

What Do Sweetpotatoes Taste Like?

These root vegetables, which are often mistaken for yams, are naturally sweet, especially when baked. Their natural sweetness leads to a subtle caramelized flavor.

While they may seem initially sweet, they can also be flavored with spicy herbs and flavors and sauces, pestos, salty, savory and more.

Sweetpotatoes are often compared to carrots or pumpkin, but I find that their flavor profile is a little more unique and vibrant.

purple sweet potatoes

The flavor will also be dependent on:

The variety of sweetpotato: There are many different varieties of sweetpotatoes available today, ranging from the typical orange, to white, purple, yellow and more!

Of course, the flavor may also change based on how you cook with them.

Eating the skin: Whether you do or don’t eat or include the skin in your recipe may impact the texture and flavor of sweetpotatoes.

How they are prepared: Whether you bake them, grill them, mash them, puree them with other things (like sweetpotato zucchini muffins or a pumpkin and sweetpotato soup) will all bring out different flavors.

What you pair them with: Are you cooking them with onions, spices, herbs, fatty meats, etc.? Many of these methods can add extra flavors, as shown below.

diced sweet potatoes in instant pot to make soup

Plus, when it comes to kids and sweetpotatoes, you can’t go wrong. Here are some of our favorite sweetpotato recipes for toddlers.

We mesh sweetpotatoes into so many things and often start with sweetpotatoes for baby led weaning due to their versatility.

This is because they, of course, can be pureed or served as finger foods.

What Can You Eat with Sweetpotatoes?

You can eat just about anything with sweetpotatoes!

Since they can be prepared in so many ways, what to serve with sweetpotatoes is dependent on your taste and preference.

Since they pair perfectly with so many different foods and flavors, sweetpotatoes are the ultimate power food.

seared duck breast with sweet potatoes

Whether you’re looking for what to eat with a baked sweetpotato or mashed sweetpotatoes, the abundance of options here will leave you feeling inspired with so many to try!

Many of these options are answers for what to eat with sweet \potatoes as a side.

Some of the recipes do include sweetpotatoes in them naturally as well.

What to Eat with Sweetpotatoes

Here is an abundance of options for what to eat with sweetpotatoes.

When cooked, sweetpotatoes may resemble the flavor of caramelized, cooked carrots, but they have more personality.

Depending on how you cook or bake with sweetpotatoes, you can create a soft flesh interior, and a crunchier exterior, which can be a wonderful taste, texture and flavor complement in your mouth.


Beef has characteristic savory juiciness that can complement the sweetness of a sweetpotato and bring out its nutty undertones with barely any seasoning at all.

Depending on whether the sweetpotatoes are roasted, mashed, fried, or cooked another way, beef can be served as a whole cut or ground to offer a complimentary texture.

Plus, sweetpotatoes have vitamin C, which can help the body absorb the iron in beef, which is great for vegetarian runners and adults.

steak cut on white plate


Sweetpotatoes tend to pair nicely with pork, pork chops and other pork dishes. This sheet pan pork chops and sweetpotatoes are a favorite!

Whether you’re looking for color to complement the plate, or a sweet, chewy texture for the pork chops to blend with, sweetpotatoes are a natural option.

white plate with pork chops and sweet potatoes on yellow striped napkin


Chicken and other poultry products tend to have a mild flavor in general, so prepare them with thyme or rosemary.

We often recommend pairing them with sweetpotatoes seasoned with warm spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, or allspice. These cheesy sweetpotatoes shine alongside a poultry dish.

Poultry is high in protein, so when paired with fiber-packed sweetpotatoes, this combination can keep you fuller for longer.

What to serve with chicken tenders can be as easy as a sweetpotato chicken casserole.

cinnamon chicken in baking pan


Eggs are a great vegetarian protein option that pair spectacularly with sweetpotatoes.

Make sure to choose textures that complement each other, like a fried or poached egg over a baked sweetpotato or scrambled eggs with crispy air fried sweetpotato wedges.

Flavor-wise, a simple salt and pepper seasoning of the eggs can further bring out the sweetness of the sweetpotato.

Adding sweetpotatoes to a breakfast casserole is an excellent way to upgrade the nutrition and flavor without adding sugars.

serving spoon with piece of veggie and sausage breakfast casserole on it

Beans, Grains and Lentils

Beans are normally paired with sweetpotatoes in soups, but they could also go well together in dips or salads.

Both ingredients offer a unique texture that can be modified to various savory seasonings.

Beans and sweetpotatoes each have nutty undertones and a good amount of fiber, so they make for a powerhouse gut health duo.

This butter chicken rice bowl recipe with sweetpotatoes is the best upgrade!

quinoa and sweet potato salad topped with lemons slices in white bowl with spoon

Don’t forget about oats! They are another delicious grain option – this sweetpotato casserole in the instant pot with an oat crisp topping is a prime example.

Or this blueberry sweetpotato oatmeal bake.


Don’t forget about seafood, either! Sweetpotatoes are an easy side for just about any seafood entree, especially those that are baked, sauteed or grilled.

Pair seafood entress with a nice, warm baked sweetpotato with butter, or roasted sweetpotato cubes or fries.

The salty seafood pairs beautifully with the sweet, tender sweetpotatoes. You can even try it with frozen mussels.

Personally, I love some homemade sweetpotato fries with this BBQ salmon in the air fryer.

BBQ salmon sheet pan with sweet potatoes

Herbs and Spices

Obviously, herbs and spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, basil, thyme, sage, and parsley are just some of many spices that pair well with sweetpotatoes.

We’ve used a bunch of this roasted sweetpotatoes and carrots recipe, and you can switch them up to!

You can experiment with many that will probably be delicious!

What to Eat With Sweet Potatoes

There are a variety of delicious options to eat with sweet potatoes, ranging from beef and poultry, to lentils and eggs. Check out these ideas for what to serve with sweet potatoes.

Sweetpotato Nutrition

One medium sweetpotato provides about four grams of fiber, and provides more than your daily recommended allotment of Vitamin A, an important nutrient for immune health. 

Sweetpotatoes are also high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for the absorption of non heme iron (necessary for plant based eating and vegan meals).

Furthermore, sweetpotatoes can be a great source of post workout electrolytes, too.

They naturally offer potassium and magnesium, and you can top them with sodium, making them the perfect post workout food. 

sweet potato spaghetti noodles

Hopefully, after reading this post, you won’t struggle anymore with ideas for what to serve with sweet potato.

Make sure to let us know what your favorite pairings are!

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