Easy No Bake Healthy Snacks

  Mar 29, 2021  |  #Recipe Roundup

A delicious round-up of no bake healthy snacks and fridge foods, ready in minutes for when those cravings hit! 

Do you struggle to come up with super simple, quick, snack ideas? 

We love snacks and we eat all kinds of snacks, but when time is short, my brain forgets about the wonderfully easy no bake healthy snacks and how lovely they can be, especially for busy professionals and as road trip foods

You don’t need an oven, many are ready in minutes, and they are tasty for kids and adults alike. What more could you want?

So, I thought it would be helpful to put a collection of no-bake healthy snack recipes together in one place so that you can have a great choice right at your fingertips – instead of having several different pages open.

no bake carrot cake bars cut into squares on gray plate with gold lining and raisins on plate

Part of parenthood (and really, any busy adult) is simplification. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized I pay more for and put more value on convenience. So many of these are great examples of healthy snacks while breastfeeding.

You can make most of these fridge snacks pretty instantaneously with minimal effort. You can even make these in bulk – I always make extra healthy snacks to freeze when I have a lot of energy so my future self (with not a lot of energy) can reap the benefits.

In fact, many of my favorite energy bites are healthy snacks with oatmeal and peanut butter – a great combination of complex carbs, healthy fats, protein and fiber for satiety and satisfaction

Oatmeal energy bites in white bowl as easy healthy no bake snacks

Making freezable snacks also comes in handy for pregnancy and new parenthood, traveling, post workout snacks and more. 

Defining Healthy No Bake Snacks

  • Firstly, these no bake snack recipes are homemade with recipes you can pronounce and find easily (if you use thrive market, you can order pretty much all my staples to have directly shipped to you).
  • Secondly, no preservatives necessary here. What you see is what you get! Once you make them, they make for easy fridge snacks to grab and go. 
  • The majority of these no cook snacks have fruits and vegetables included in them which means even when you’re snacking, you’re contributing towards your 5 a day! 

Snacks are actually a great way to add MORE fruits and vegetables to your diet. I’m pretty against the idea of restriction – as you may know.

But, the idea of no bake snack mix recipes is pretty appealing!

Better yet – many of these are great ways to introduce kids to more fruits/veggies or get them in the kitchen. No bake healthy snacks for kids for the win (More fun kid friendly muffins here). 

It can be as easy as letting them help cut carrots and cucumbers into slices for a platter, and serve with ranch dipping sauce or hummus.

We love these kids’ knives for such purposes. 

Spoonful of cherry chocolate chia pudding closeup

A lot of these healthy snack no bake recipes are also adaptable and can be made gluten-free, dairy-free, or completely vegan. Protein balls without dates can be quick and easy (mainly since some whole dates require soaking overnight or for a few hours). 

This makes it easier for you to prep something that could be suitable for the whole family. 

For example, vegan energy bites are very adaptable. If you don’t need them to be vegan, use honey. Otherwise, stick with maple syrup. 

For those with peanut allergies, you can make protein balls without peanut butter – just swap in sunflower butter or even tahini in some cases. My favorite nut free protein balls are these pomegranate energy bites!

baking sheet with chocolate date oat balls with pomegranate seeds

Packing No Bake Snacks

The added joy of these no bake snack recipes is that they can be made quickly and easily. There’s no baking involved (the clue’s in the name!) which means you really can make these in minutes.

If you decide to do a last minute workout or have a long car journey coming up (road trip snacks!), you can whip these together and have them ready in no time for on the go.

Many of these no bake energy bites are small and easily replicated, so you can split them up into smaller containers to transport them wherever you may be off to. 

Or, make this healthy homemade trail mix recipe and put it in a stasher for road trips, and grab and go options. 

homemade trail mix on granite countertop | Bucket List Tummy

We also like to have them as a dessert after a meal (see the vegan chocolate pudding recipe) or even pair them with meals depending on what we’re having.

The possibilities for when to have these amazingly yummy no bake snacks are endless!

Preparation Tips For No Bake Snack Recipes 

Conveniently, a lot of these recipes include very similar ingredients. This makes meal/snack prep a lot easier because you don’t have a shopping list as long as your arm to make something that is meant to be quick & easy!

clear jars with pantry staples

Keep a good stock of the following ingredients in your pantry (here’s a list of my essential pantry staples) that you can use regularly & that have a long use-by date; 

  • Oats (love these sprouted oats for more nutrition)
  • Peanut Butter (there are SO many healthy snacks with peanut butter, and I even prefer to make my own!)
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Pumpkin Spice
  • Cocoa powder
  • Dates & Raisins 
  • Coconut sugar or brown sugar (I recommend this coconut sugar from Thrive Market

I also like a good chocolate protein powder to add protein to several of my favorite raw energy balls.

The Best No Bake Healthy Snacks

What are your favorite kid friendly no bake snacks?

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