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Imperial is still sort of on my bucket list, at least in terms of trying more food. Ed and I walked by here on our way to our car downtown after dining at Clyde Common. The atmosphere here is really neat – I felt like I was in Mad Men. The chef, Doug, is from Top Chef (had I known this when we went, I would have eaten my second dinner of the night).   Anyway, things I want to try if I make it back to Imperial: Duck Meatballs, Roasted Parsnips (with pumpkin seeds!), the burger, and their beignets for brunch.

Though we had already eaten, Ed and I were still a little hungry, so we had a drink and ended up ordering just the flatbread. Their cocktail menu is very unique, and the ice cubes are the big, pretty kind.

UPDATE: I did come back for brunch and it was SO worth it. Check out that review here!



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