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My Favorite Food & Wellness Items On Amazon

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Let’s talk about some of my favorite foods on Amazon, yeah? Last week, I used the fun question function on Instagram. I got a few questions about becoming an RD, post run recovery favorite foods, favorite restaurants in Charlotte, and things like that.

I also got asked my favorite food and wellness items to order online, which I thought was such a unique question and the perfect topic for a blog post!

I will say, the only places I order food online from are really Costco and Amazon (not counting my online grocery subscription). I order a ton off Amazon so this post is pretty much focused mostly on Amazon – and just in time for prime day, today!

I also plan on loading up and replenishing on some of my favorite items below!

Bulk Pantry Staples


I love using all sorts of seeds for toppings on oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, salads, breads. My go to’s are hemp seeds and chia seeds, and I also love adding ground up flax to things too! All are high in protein, micronutrients like iron and calcium, and omega 3‘s, which are typically a little harder to find in the diet. Best of all, I pretty much order all of them on amazon.

And these pretty much last me a while so I feel like they’re a good investment.

I also recently bought a big container of nutritional yeast on Amazon, which I use like shredded cheese. Nutritional yeast is a great vegan-friendly food, that’s very high in B-vitamins, protein and fiber, and easy to add to any dish. I add it to savory dishes, and I even used it in a fun energy bites recipe once.

I also order Pb2 off Amazon, and I usually add it to oatmeal, yogurt and smoothies!


Nut Butters

When possible, I try to load up on large jars of peanut and almond butter from Costco because I just go through small jars way too quickly. But, every now and then when I want some fun flavors, I tend to order Wild Friends and Nuts ‘N More <— I love all of their flavors, but I think pumpkin and cake batter are my favorites! And if you like dripppppy nut butter and haven’t tried sunflower butter, I basically live on Sunbutter!


One of my newer favorites that I mentioned in my momma snacks post is the Rx peanut butter pouches. I ordered a box of them off of Amazon before traveling up to Portland because they are the BEST for portable situations and travel.

That’s It Bites – I really like the fruit and chocolate bites because…chocolate! But, they also have great bars made with just fruits and veggies that remind me of fruit roll ups and are quite tasty. I usually keep these in my office drawer at work.

Dark Chocolate– Unless we buy in bulk from Costco (like 12 bars, lol), I usually buy these on Amazon.  I’ll spend anywhere from $4-5 per bar at the grocery store. These come out to less than $3 per bar, so it’s a win! I’m a sucker for anything chocolate sea salt.

Baking Needs & Meals

Almond flour, I’ve learned, is very expensive at the grocery store – I think upwards of $10-12 for a 12 oz bag. The only place I’ve seen it for a reasonable price is Trader Joe’s. Sadly, Trader Joe’s isn’t super convenient for me to get to. So, I usually order it in a bigger bag from Amazon from lesser known brands, where the price per ounce is significantly lower. So, it’s an overall saving.

I use almond and coconut flours alot in baking – like for my banana muffins and quinoa chocolate chip apple crumble.  I also search amazon for a little lesser used flours I can’t often find in my local grocery store – tapioca flour, garbanzo bean flour. I use the garbanzo bean flour for my Strawberry Banana Chickpea Muffins.

Speaking of baking, I also count Kodiak Cakes here, although they are technically “pre-mixed” pancake mix. I loveeee them after long runs and love the muffin mixes too. They have whey protein and often times, chia seeds and flax added to the mix. All you have to do is add milk or water and cook away!

I also love Eat Banza chickpea pasta and order them off of Amazon.

Running Fuel Needs

I don’t always (want to) take the time to drive to running stores. So, I often order my running fuel online. My go to’s are honey stinger chews and huma gels. I also rely on NUUN tabs for electrolytes and flavoring my water.

Here’s a typical day of eats after a long run during marathon training.

Favorite Appliances

I also have some must have kitchen essentials that I love and use pretty often.

NinjaI use my ninja for just about everything – smoothies, making no-bake recipes, hummus and energy bites, and even grinding down cauliflower.

Cast Iron – I love a good cast iron skillet for pancakes and cooking meat. A good cast iron is essential for cooking just about everything, and is very durable and resistant to heat. Plus, it retains a lot of flavor when cooking! Just be careful and never wash it with soap. I ruined one that way :/  They are quite reasonable priced!

Spiralizer – I have a hand spiralizer, but I’ve been wanting to make the leap to a real spiralizer to make things quicker. Even the hand one is pretty easy. And to me, zucchini just tastes better spiralized?! It’s a fun new way to add twists to your meals.

Waffle Maker – Love my waffle maker for when I’m willing to take more time than frozen waffles 🙂

Glass Tupperware – What would I be without tupperware!? I purchased a bunch of when doing meal prep when preparing for Camryn. And it’s something I use alot for taking lunches and snacks to work! I much prefer glass because it’s BPA free and safe for the dishwasher. I spent a few years washing plastics in the dishwasher back in the day before I realized that was probably not good.


Slow Cooker – A  slow cooker is so essential, especially as a new mom when I am looking for an easy, hands free meal! I love mine for crockpot chicken salsa (literally, just frozen chicken and a can of salsa), chile (like my pumpkin chili), and meals I can just set to cook all day when I’m out.

Well, there you have it. Those are some of my favorite meals and food equipment from Amazon!

Are you an Amazon prime member? I have been for years. I think I first joined in grad school because there were so many perks for ordering textbooks and then I realized I basically order everything off of Amazon, so it saves me LOADS in shipping to just pay the prime membership fee.

What do you tend to order most of on Amazon? Ours is definitely in the food category, although now, baby stuff is up there!

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  1. We use Amazon Prime almost every week! I love to order boxes of bars (KIND bars, Clif bars, etc), but we also buy a lot of dog toys and dog treats 🙂

  2. I love my Ninja too! I use it as a food processor/blender, and it works great every time. I know Amazon sells food items and I’m a Prime member, but for some bizarre reason, I’ve never thought to buy pantry staples online. That sounds way more convenient than schlepping to the grocery store because I’m out of flour!

    1. lol yeaaa, when I realized that, it was almost a downfall because now I just order everything off Amazon – SO convenient though!

  3. This is basically my go to list for when I need to remind myself of all the things I need or have always wanted to treat myself to. Thank you!!

  4. I love buying gels off of Amazon. It’s infinitely cheaper than Dick’s or a running store. The only time I buy from those is if I’m trying a new flavor or brand.

    I didn’t get my waffle maker off Amazon but I love it. Perfect for making a big batch of waffles and throwing them in the freezer for easy breakfasts.

    1. It’s so much more convenient too! Plus, sometimes they have flavors that the running stores don’t have, so I like that too!