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The Summit Room

The Summit Room is attached to The Mayo Bird on East Boulevard, and is a haven for delicious and unique cocktails, if that’s your scene (which that is my scene). As far as first impressions, it is a quaint space that they use well. The front patio is lively and the spot to be on a warm spring/summer night. All the seats were taken and there was a wait for the patio, so my husband and I grabbed a table inside.

They have an amazing, boastful cocktail list that is fun and intriguing – with names after different mountains, you get in a fun mindset about choosing your drink. I started with the Mt Vinson with titos vodka, vanilla bean syrup, ginger beer and a cinnamon sugar orange wheel. I actually would have liked more of a vanilla bean flavor, but it was still a delicious drink. My husband had the peach bourbon julep.

The Summit cocktails

For the food, we started with the sweet potato and mushroom flatbread and added pork belly. I will tell you that what was served wasn’t exactly the flatbread that I pictured. It was a lot more doughy than your typical thin and crispy flatbread, which was what we had in mind. It was pretty salty, and I was also hoping for more of a sweet potato taste (deceiving flatbread name). The gouda was delicious because who doesn’t love a cheesy piece of dough? But that was probably the highlight of that dish for me.

summit room sweet potato flatbread
We also tried the shrimp bahn mi sliders, which may have been my favorite plate. They are served on a baguette sliced into smaller sliders, with a shrimp pattie (DELICIOUS), topped with some pork belly. The jalapeno relish really gives that zing of spice that takes over your taste buds, but it’s a nice accompaniment to the sliders. I actually think it goes well with the flavors!

the summit room_pork belly bahn mi
Pro tip – the Mac n Cheese is a huge serving size. It could be a full meal. It comes with bacon (yum) and layers and layers of cheese. It comes served in a skillet so the cheese just melts throughout the dish. It is definitely very comforting, creamy and cheesy – all that you would want in a mac ‘n cheese dish.

summit room mac n cheese summit room mac n cheese
They definitely have a “comfort” food niche here – cornbread, mac n cheese, grits, collards, and things of the like. I think it would be great to go with a group to split a variety of dishes, or just come for the cocktails. I think the food quality is average, but the atmosphere more than makes up for that.

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