AQUA by El Gaucho

  Nov 24, 2015  |  #Uncategorized

If you’re in Seattle and looking for a fancier, upscale restaurant on the water, here’s your place. It’s right off of Pier 70 and was awarded the Washington State Wine Commission 2015 Restaurant of the Year.  Not only are the outside views top-notch, but inside is an angelic, tasteful setting with beautiful chandeliers and architecture.

aqua website
picture from AQUA website

I came here with my mom. It’s definitely a classy restaurant with a gorgeous view, that must is a given. The service is very good also.

dinner el gaucho
We obviously had to order seafood. To start, I had a squash salad with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and dried cherries. The Goat cheese + butternut squash combo was amazing, since goat cheese is so creamy and the squash adds a sweet taste. The dried cherries add a bit of a tart flavor and the pumpkin seeds give the salad a needed crunch. I would definitely order this again!

squash salad

My mom got the butternut squash soup – it was very rich and creamy, almost too rich for our taste buds.  squash soup

For entrees, I ordered the salmon – Pacific salmon is much pinker and thicker than Atlantic salmon, I’ve noticed. It was delicious but I would have liked a little more flavoring. The butternut squash risotto was amazing!




All in all, great view and great service,and a great way to take in Seattle’s gorgeous views of the water and mountains.

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