Balancing Eating Meals Out and Meals In

  May 1, 2017  |  #Weekend recap

I hope you had a great weekend! I had a little snafu with the bloggy yesterday so couldn’t get this weekend recap up in time. The weekend flew by – it was nice to not have too many scheduled things on our agenda. I will say one thing though, the weather is warming up TOO QUICKLY here.

Friday was a busy day of patients, followed by a home cooked pizza and some Netflix before going to bed early. We did a chicken and bison mix on our pizza and it was perfect. I’ve had bison in the freezer forever, now knowing when to use it. So, Ed and I both decided we could use some extra red meat and heme iron before Saturday’s long run. Followed by some ice cream, of course. You know me.

Balancing Eating In and Out Balancing Eating In and Out

I had 22 miles on the agenda for Saturday. Saturday didn’t go exactly as planned, as you may have seen on Instagram. Even as I started the run, I felt like it would be a tough tough day – even at 6am, it was extremely humid and hot. I ran miles 3-13 with a running group which helped, but as I continued with my solo miles after, I had to stop and walk a few times to catch my breath. Just a tough day overall – one of those blah runs.

It’s so true that those bad runs really help you appreciate the good ones that much more. And I think it was a sign that my body was a little trashed. Last week I hit my highest mileage of marathon training (57 miles), so suffice to say, these next few weeks will be A LOT lighter. I’m starting my taper!

So, rather than 22, I settled with 18 miles, and then refueled with some iced coffee, a scone, and hit the Farmer’s Market. I bought fresh strawberries, asparagus and swiss chard.

Balancing Eating In and OutBalancing Eating In and Out

I also had to grab a popsicle because it was HOT. This was the blackerry ginger lemonade – SO GOOD. I was debating between the Blueberry Mint, but will save that for next time. When is the last time you had a popsicle? So many memories from childhood hit me when I bit in. And I shared it with Tater because she’s my spirit animal.

Balancing Eating In and OutBalancing Eating In and Out

I had a few Saturday clients before grabbing this to-go lunch from Fresh Chef. I’m not the type of person to order the same thing multiple times (usually so much to choose), but this is one place I swear by the same two choices, both of which involve salmon. The salmon wrap is unbelievable but this time I wanted the cilantro rice.

Balancing Eating In and Out

For dinner, Ed and I headed to 204 North to meet some friends for dinner. It was the last night of Wine and Tapas week (two glasses of wine and two tapas for $35). I made a last minute decision to not order from the tapas or wine menu, as I really loved their cocktail list and wanted something a little more substantial. I settled on some steak, which hit the spot.

You can plan a meal out ahead of time and pick out what you’re going to order, but if you’re not feeling it, then it’s no use ordering it! So, if you’re feeling a steak, go ahead and get the steak. That’s what your girl needed.

Balancing Eating In and OutBalancing Eating In and Out

On Sunday, we made pancakes and I did some meal prep (you can see the video on my Facebook page), took Tater to the dog park, and then stopped by a local brewery for a cold beer. And they had free sandwiches, so we grabbed an unexpected lunch there. We weren’t expecting to eat out, but the opportunity arose, and life happens.

But, as soon as we got home, I made dinner based on my previous meal prep earlier. I grilled some chicken, cooked up some quinoa, made a broccoli stir fry, baked some carrots and asparagus, cut up some red bell peppers, and rinsed my swiss chard. It took about an hour total, and my lunches are pretty much set for the week now!

Meal Prep Meal Prep

So, as you can see, I probably eat out more on the weekend, but I like to balance it out with plenty of homemade meals and recipes too. So this week, we’ll be veggin’ on lots of homemade meals. I think finding the balance that works for you is what is most maintainable.

Tell me about your weekend!!

What’s your favorite popsicle?

Do you eat out more on weekends?

18 responses to “Balancing Eating Meals Out and Meals In

  1. You are the queen of balance!

    We rarely eat out because it’s hard to find somewhere that is coeliac friendly – but our eating habits do change from week to weekend as we usually have more time to make elaborate dishes or delicious treats!

    1. It is difficult with any sort of food allergies, and celiac especially. I’m glad you can still enjoy elaborate dishes and delicious treats!

  2. I love going out for ice cream or fro-yo. Honestly, sometimes I still have some fear associated with going out to eat, but when I do go out it’s always freeing to be able to eat and enjoy restaurant food with my family. That steak looks perfect, and that popsicle sounded refreshing for a warm day.

  3. King of Pops is SO good! They also have doggy pops for next time you’re there with Tater 🙂

  4. I am the same way! During the week I stick to making all of my meals and snacks at home, but definitely eat out more on the weekends. Luckily Nick loves food just as much as I do so we typically plan dinner out Friday night and either Saturday or Sunday night too.

    And, I wish i had a more exciting weekend but it included a lot of sleeping to catch up from my bachelorette party…and the official start of my next training cycle!

  5. I am slowly figuring out that it is better to meal prep early in the week but it takes planning to make sure i have everything. I did it last week and overall it helped having something healthy to reach for quickly as I ran the kids around at night. It is all about having good choices readily available. That is my goal to work on it this morning. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. I’m in total agreement with you – it makes it much easier to have things readily available. Just a little prep work up front can save the day 🙂

  6. I definitely eat out more on the weekends! Also with a different, more flexible schedule on the weekends I find it harder to follow a meal plan. I’m also more active on the weekends, so I figure it all balances out in the end!

  7. Yay for warm weather, iced coffees, and farmer’s markets! I tend to do take out or a dinner out on weekends if I decide to do them. They’ve been a lifesaver recently when I’m too tired to cook!

  8. It was so humid on Saturday! Rob had a 20 miler as his last long run before the taper and it was a struggle.
    I always eat out more on weekends. Its nice to take a break from cooking, but I also like being able to make my own food!

  9. Mmmm iced coffee + scone + farmers market stroll? Sounds like my perfect morning!! I must say I’m jealous of your hot weather, even though it does sound a little draining (especially for the runs). Its been weirdly cold and super rainy here for the past couple days and its bringing me the heck down. Its probably also playing into the fact that I havn’t wanted to cook anything, so I’ve been definitely having my fair share of eating out or taking away lately. Don’t remember the last time I had popsicle. Would totally choose an ice cream drumstick over something fruity!

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