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  May 13, 2019  |  #meal prep

Hi friends,

How was your weekend? 

So, big news! As you may have seen on Instagram last week, I shared some big news that we’re moving. It’s almost a bittersweet announcement. Part of me is so sad to leave the Charlotte area. I have been here for 10 years (with some hiatus for grad school in Chapel Hill and my dietetic internship in Oregon (where I started this blog!). 

After college, I moved to South Carolina for an internship, which is where I met Ed. We then moved to Charlotte and have been here pretty much ever since.  I feel like I’ve really grown up here. We bought our first house and have really enjoyed living in the neighborhood we’re in.

We got Tater, and then had Camryn. I trained for my first and second marathon throughout my neighborhood. So many memories have been made here!

One year old and her golden doodle | Bucket List Tummy

However, I am really excited to kind of “start over” and explore a new area. Ed travels often for work, and this move will greatly reduce his travel, which will be very pleasant! I’m also excited at the opportunities for me and my business, being so close to the DC area. The hiking options, wineries and outdoor activities seem plentiful.

Do any of you live near the DC area? If so, I would love to connect! And if you have any moving tips (especially with a little one), please share 🙂 I am feeling very overwhelmed with all of the packing we still have to do. 


2 Tools I Use To Save Money on Groceries

I’m  planning on sharing more of a recent eats post on Wednesday (because it’s been a while!) but I wanted to share some of my favorite grocery saving tips and tools here, lately. These saving tips are not sponsored in any way, just super helpful things I’ve found. 

When it comes to groceries, I have a grocery budget and I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to it. I try to shop at Aldi whenever possible, and try to limit buying extraneous food items that we don’t need since I HATE wasting food. I’ve found some helpful way ways to keep me under our allotted budget of groceries each month so I figured I would share with you guys! 


Have you heard of Ibotta? It’s a free app where you can essentially get “rebates” back on what you buy. When I remember, I scroll through it before I’m doing my grocery shopping. You can pick out what grocery store you’re shopping at (they even have Target and other non-food retailers for rebates), link your loyalty card and look at the deals at that store.

This is one way I pick which store to shop at because it’s easy to see where I can save the most money. 

So, for example, maybe at Publix one week, a specific brand of cottage cheese has a good cashback deal. If I wanted to buy cottage cheese and I’m not brand loyal, maybe I would choose that brand because I’d get more cashback. And it even doubles back when you have coupons too. 

Ibotta App to Save Money

I wish I had found out about this app sooner because honestly, I think I would have saved SO much more on groceries. But better late than never! Plus, it’s free!

The Dinner Daily

The second money and time saver I use for grocery shopping and meal planning is The Dinner Daily. It has been great for learning to be more creative with our meal options. I randomly found them on google when I was trying to figure out how to compare savings each week from different grocery stores! For example, how could I compare shopping at Harris Teeter with Publix with Aldi with Whole Foods when I needed specific items. Was there an efficient way to know where it would be cheapeast, like a one stop shop?

So, my search led me to The Dinner Daily. Essentially you just type in where you shop and they can create a meal plan and the ingredients needed, using what’s on sale at your grocery store. It’s not a rigid meal plan, like “eat this for this many calories.” Instead, it’s a creative way to try new recipes based on what ingredients you have or what you like (maybe you want to eat more plant-based, or include more seafood).

I really like how it compares store prices while coming up with the ingredients and recipes for you. We tried a veggie lasagna and caramelized chicken recipe that was so easy!

Depending on what food items/menu meal options you choose, they put together a personalized grocery list for you and tell you where you can save because the menu they send you uses what is on sale. 

Produce Delivery

Lastly, I will say that 80% of the time, I do grocery pickup. It’s SO convenient for me to just scan the grocery sales online and make my choices and then not have to spend time waiting in line at the grocery store. Every now and then, I use Hello Fresh, but sometimes I just need produce because I have plenty of frozen protein options and canned beans already so I don’t want to pay for the full meals. (Plus, we’re trying to use all of our pantry items now before the move). 

I just found out about Farm Fresh To You, and I can’t wait to try it. Essentially, like a CSA, they deliver fresh and organic local fruits and veggies (you can also add dairy products and jams and stuff) so I think it would be such a fun way to introduce Camryn to new fruits and veggies, but also support local farmers. 

Farm Fresh To You

I don’t think they aren’t available everywhere yet, but you can check and order here and use the code SHARE40 to save $10 off your first 4 boxes.

Making My Own Items

Another way I’ve worked on saving money is just making my own things. We LOVE hummus (and so does Camryn), but we could spend $10 a week on hummus if we had to.

Instead, I’ll buy $0.69 cans of chickpeas, keep a big thing of tahini on hand, and make my own each week. I detailed how I make my own hummus but we also do this lentil dip hummus often, too! 

Homemade hummus with veggies

I’ll sometimes do it for peanut butter but I can get smaller jars of peanut butter for pretty cheap (or the costco brand in bulk for a huge bargain), so that’s not always a money saver. I would imagine making your own almond butter could be a money saver though?

I’ll also buy in bulk when things are on sale and try to buy in season, too!


Your turn:

Do you have any tips for saving money at the grocery store?

Have you gone through a big move? Any tips?

Do you do meal or grocery delivery?

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8 responses to “Big News+ Grocery Saving Tips

  1. I live in Boston but DC has been one of my favorite places to visit! Congratulations on the move. The Georgetown area was one of the best places we went to eat, shop, walk around.

  2. Wow I’m seriously so amazed at how much you did in South Carolina; and it’s wonderful how the next step comes right when God ordains it. I’m comforting myself with that truth especially as we have some big changes coming up in our family lately.

  3. Moves are scary but so exciting!! I’m excited for this new adventure for you and your family. Good things are ahead and lots of new things to explore! Think of all the new cinnamon buns!

  4. I’ve always heard of Ibotta but never knew anyone who used it so I’ll have to check it out since you enjoy the app.

    One thing I recently saw as a moving tip is to number the boxes and then in a Google doc, write the number, the place it goes in the new house and what’s in it. This way you don’t just have 7 boxes labeled kitchen and you don’t have to dig through all of them to find what you’re looking for.

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