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Imperial Brunch

Yess, I made it to Imperial for brunch! I went with my lovely east coast friend, Emily, who was here visiting for the weekend!



I’ve been eyeing the homemade poptarts on their menu for so long. We each ordered one of our own, which was strawberry with a lemon glaze. It was delicious and I ate every last crumble.


For my main meal, I ordered the Imperial Hash with one egg sunny side up, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, mustard, and a choice of trout, chorizo or lamb. I went with the trout but wish I went with either the chorizo or lamb. The trout was good but it gave it a little too fishy of a spin then I intended for brunch. The whole grain mustard gave it a nice spice addition and the veggies were both colorful and delicious.





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