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Marathon Training Week 3 (+ Delicious Eats)

And just like that, I’m done with the third week of marathon training! I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly run down. Check them out for more running inspiration!

This week had it’s highs and lows. My long run was 11 miles, which is the furthest I’ve gone since last fall’s half marathon and I thought it was going to kill me. 

My hubby (also my coach/plan-maker) just wants me to accumulate time on my feet right now, and that 11 miler certainly was the toughest run I’ve done yet, physically. 

Last week brought 30 miles total. In my last training cycle, I think 40ish miles was my max weekly mileage and that worked well for me. It’s just hard to imagine doing more than that now that I have a small child (and injured dog lol) to care for. 

Since I ended up doing my long run last Sunday, Monday was just an easy 3 mile shakeout run. 

Tuesday I had a 5 miler where I hit my normal pace pre-baby. I’m trying not to focus on pace right now but I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t encouraging.

I got a three mile jog in with the stroller on Wednesday night because it was so gorgeous out I couldn’t not get outside. We ran on our neighborhood greenway which is shaded and so pretty.

Thursday was an off day and while I debated doing yoga or cross training, I instead decided to take the day completely off. I had to go to the DMV for my registration and also had a massage that day.

My MIL got me a yearly massage package for Christmas last year and it is seriously the best gift ever. First with breastfeeding and being hunched over, it was helpful with releasing that stress and tension. Now with training, it’s helping my legs and hips. 

Friday was 4-5 miles and Saturday’s long run was 11 miles. As mentioned, it was the hardest run yet. Ed ran with Camryn with me for the first 6-7 miles which really helped and it was nice to have company for my birthday run. 

For fuel, I used the same chews as last weekend and mixed some Skratch in with water. 

Watermelon Gu Chews during a long run | Bucket List Tummy

Thankfully, meal prep got us through most of the week. Meal prep is becoming a savior during marathon training and easy meals for the win. 

A naan pizza, which I will certainly do more often. So satisfying.

Summer lunch: avocado toast with tomatoes and feta cheese and watermelon and a side of chips. 

I have been snacking on swedish fish a lot. One of my favorite marathon snacks. 

Pasta with peanut tempeh, veggies and cheese. 

Black bean burgers, baked carrots and chips.

I made a double batch of my vegan protein bars, made with peanut butter. You can use sunflower butter if you have a peanut allergy!

A working lunch one day from Wegman’s!

On Friday night, we got burgers and wine at a local winery. I love burgers during marathon training although I think I would have preferred this after my long run rather than the night before. Oh well. It was so delicious and the fries were outstanding.

Mac and cheese, mussels and s’mores dessert were highlights of Saturday’s birthday dinner. 

Okay, time to get to work for the week. 

Do you have a favorite pre-long run/pre-race food?

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  1. I am struggling with my long runs too. I know it’s about getting those miles in my legs but man I wish I had the endurance of a couple of years ago. I need to let that go and focus on now though, but it’s hard. When I’m running intervals I’m surprised how fast (for me) I can go. Then I get out on the long run and it’s like I’m moving backwards through molasses…

    you’re doing great though and I can imagine you felt encouraged by pre-baby pace!!

    I now need to go and eat all the things because the rest of your post made me HUNGRY! honestly? we are full on home-cooked pasta and usually grilled chicken the evening before the long run. my husband is an excellent cook and I never tire of any variations of this meal.

  2. OMG that Smores dessert looks amazing.

    Sounds like a great week for you! I would LOVE it if someone would give me a massage package!

    I like pizza or sushi pre race. I haven’t been running long lately (nothing more than 7 miles, not training at present) so I don’t really have to worry much about the night before.

    I used to really love pierogis (I’m pretty sure my husband got sick of them). Unfortunately, as I get older, I just find that pasta doesn’t work as well for me and I tend to go with more things like sweet potatoes for my carbs.

  3. Getting to longer run after not running long for a while is always tough for me. I’m glad Ed ran with you for those first 6-7 miles. That’s such a blessing that he’s your coach as well. As usual, I’m kind of eyeing your burgers here. I hope it was such an amazing birthday!!!

  4. It’s so exciting that you are training for a marathon again! That massage package sounds amazing. My upper body is always such a mess from breastfeeding and pumping all the time.

  5. Welcome to the WRD!!! Great to have you join us 😉 That massage package sound awesome…my MIL (now deceased) would never have splurged on me like that LOL Hope you birthday was great!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Sarah! Happy to hear your training is going well. When it comes to pre-long run/race eating, I’ve found that upping my intake of “boring” carbs the day before is super helpful. Like, I love interesting, grainy breads and whole wheat pasta, but leading up to a high mileage effort, I’ll opt for plain bagels, white pasta, and the occasional cupcake for good measure. 🙂 It’s like I’m priming the pump for the next morning’s run, and I can definitely feel the difference in my endurance and stamina.

    1. Thank you, Shannon! Oh yes, the less fibrous carbs are great for the day before, great suggestion! Are you training for anything?

  7. Getting back into longer runs is always challenging at first. Then you adapt eventually. I hope with the cooler fall weather they will get easier. You had a great training week and some yummy eats too. Thanks for linking up!

  8. Sounds like you had a great week of training! Pre race/long run I typically eat some pasta with ground turkey and tomato sauce. Simple and it seems to agree with my stomach a lot. The s’mores dessert from your birthday dinner looks incredible