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I rarely give out 5 star reviews, but Soul is one of them.

Soul is one of the most unique, yet highly recognized restaurants in Charlotte. It’s located off Central Avenue, which is quite eclectic, yet boasts a variety of great restaurants and food options.

Soul is one of those places you seek to take out of towners, or “newbies” to Charlotte. The menu changes occasionally, yet there are some mainstay choices that are always available and you HAVE to try (i.e. pork belly watermelon tacos).

Soul is a very small space, which gives it a cozy, friendly and intimate setting. Fabulous for a date night. They have a handful of tables, or you could find yourself on stools sitting closely to other couples. There is even a lounge area with couches and comfy chairs. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of few tables on the porch outside, you have a gorgeous view of the city skyline. They also have a small bar where you can have a drink while you wait. While they don’t take reservations, they have started taking down your cell phone number so you can check out some other places nearby (Peculiar Rabbit, Bistro La Bon) and they will text you when your table is ready.

Soul is mostly known for their tapas style dishes, and they offer great sushi too. I’ve been a handful of times, though this was before I was into the phase if photographing my food. Some of my favorite dishes include the pork belly tacos (no brainer), the lamb lollipops, the fried brussel sprouts, fried oysters, eggplant parm, grilled cheese, housemade gyro, and any of their current specials for dessert (They usually have outrageous combos of cupcakes that are so amazing).

Things I wouldn’t recommend – dirty south nachos (the fried chicken “chips” just weren’t up to soul’s standard), salads. There are too many other good things at soul, so I tell people to stay away from the salads. I’m a dietitian so I’m all about some additional veggies, but take my word on this.

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