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This is an up-scale, more intimate setting for your asian food fixes, or if you’re seeking the perfect place for a unique asian-fusion twist! They serve everything from dumplings and spring rolls, to noodle bowls, pad thai dishes, bahn mi sandwiches to sushi. Check out the menu here.

Also, it’s located in the ever-growing Park Rd Shopping Plaza, which enables you to jump around or explore other places if you have a long wait. But you may just want to stay and have a drink here. The bar is beautiful. Check out this arch.

They have a great cocktail list.  I started off with the basil thai collins cocktail, with gin, basil, honey syrup and lemon. It was very good. Next time, though, I’m set on trying the jalapeno guava margarita. My husband had the blackberry infused sake. I’m not a huge saki lover but this was enjoyable.

basil thai collins

blackberry sake

We started off with the beef and kimchi dumpings. I would have liked a little more beef – beware, there is some spice here! You get four dumpings, which is pretty reasonable. We also ordered the tofu summer rolls – I thought these lacked on flavor, so I needed to use extra hoisin peanut sauce.

beef kimchi dumpings spring rolls

For our main meals, we split the chicken and shrimp pad thai, which was very good. We also had the rainbow sushi roll. The one thing I wasn’t crazy about with the sushi rolls was that they were a little soft and didn’t hold together well. The fish was fresh though!

pad thai pad thai2

rainbow roll rainbowroll2
If we return, I’d love to try a wok noodle dish and some more of the cocktails.

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