Tasty N Sons

  Oct 12, 2015  |  #Portland

On account of numerous yelp reviews about this place (and the fact that it’s in walking distance from me), I visited Tasty N Sons for a weekday brunch by myself. I had to get there in my time here, and weekends are out of the question because people wait hours upon hours. Ain’t got time for that.

It was unfortunate going alone because I needed more people to order and share more things with on the menu – everything sounded so good! I started with the chocolate potato donut, which was amazing! Small enough that it doesn’t ruin your appetite or make you feel guilty.

Chocolate Potato Donut

I then ordered the cast iron frittata – the corn really made this dish for me, and of course, the cast iron skillet. It was perfectly cooked and the flavors worked! I can’t wait to come back and try more food.

If you’re in Portland ever, PUT THIS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!! (I scream). They have a pretty fancy Bloody Mary list too that sounded pretty appealing.

Tasty N Sons

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