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The Cellar at Duckworths

This place is really keeping up with the trends and demands. Charlotte is catching up to the west coast artisinal cocktail scene. It’s got a great location on Tryon and the interior has a true speakeasy feel. Love every single part of it.


Cocktails are made to order and very artsy (my favorite kind). The bartenders also make great recommendations on beers and drinks based on your preferences. They have over 300 beers in their “beer cellar.” Pretty amazing. 

cellar_duckworths moscow

After our great initial impression, we were back for dinner a few nights later. The food was very good, adding to my high opinion of this place all around. We started with the three tacos – you get one pork belly, one braised chicken and one poached octopus. The waitress recommended to start light to dark, starting with the octopus and ending with the pork belly. The octopus was really good, a lighter/white meat. And the pork belly was so flavorful. Those were a good choice!

Cellar at Duckworths
For my meal, I went with the scallops, which come with currants, cauliflower, turmeric and chorizo. I really liked the chunks of chorizo thrown in, and there was both a cauliflower puree and mini cauliflower florets. There were 3-4 medium sized scallops and they weren’t too buttery or oily, which is usually my complaint.

My husband got the cellar burger, which was another win. To differentiate a burger, you’ve gotta use a good cheese or throw on some great toppings; this was a little of both. The gruyere cheese was amazing, combined with the onion jam and japaleno bacon. Great combination of tastes.  


We also split the caramelized brussels and tasted some of our friends’ crispy romaine salad. The charred romaine was a very unique taste to a wedge salad, providing smoked bacon and crispy mini onion rings too. 

Cellar at Duckworths

I wasn’t as crazy about the brussels. The smoked pancetta was a good addition but these were almost too heavy overall.

Cellar at Duckworths

Overall, I’d give it 4/5 stars. They are still new and have some kinks to work out, but love the concept, design and tastes here!

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