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Veritable Quandary

VQ constantly ranks as one of the top restaurants in Portland, and has rightfully been on my bucket list since the first week I discovered their menu. Finallllly, I went and had an amazing experience.

First impressions = fabulous.  Secondly, I was sold when they served delicious bread with butter with sea salt crystals. Anything with sea salt – amazing.

To start, based on my waitress’ recommendation, I ordered the spinach salad with a variety of mushrooms, melted blue cheese and pancetta. The blue cheese melts over the salad and brought a complex creaminess that tied it all together. This salad was a memorable one I shall try to recreate.

VQ_spinach salad

I had so much trouble deciding between my main entree: the osso bucco (what they have been known for for 30+ years), and their lamb special, marinated in a pomegranate thyme.

Everything on the menu sounded fabulous but I was especially craving meat. I told the waitress to just surprise me – She brought out the lamb, complete with seasonal vegetables and pomegranate thyme – it was such an amazing, flavorful dish!

The original side was something similar to Spanokopita, stuffed with spinach and walnuts, but since I’m allergic to nuts they switched sides for me.

The plate display was beautiful and colorful as well from the squash, pomegranate seeds, beets and herbs.

VQ_lamb special

This was hands down my favorite meal in Portland yet. I tried to lick my plate clean. I would happily enjoy anything on their menu.

VQ_lamb finished

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