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Fun Grocery Finds

Hi, ya’ll. Happy Fridayyy!

Today, I’m doing something NEW and borrowing a page from Ms. Hummasapien’s book to show some FUN recent grocery store finds!

I think most people despise the grocery store. They see it as a “chore,” or just something to do for the week. But, like most dietitians, I love the grocery store. Obviously, I don’t have hours upon end to stay there and explore (sometimes I wish I just worked in one), but spending some time perusing the products is how I try to stay on top of new snack and meal options for myself and my clients.

So, here are some of my favorite new tasty finds!

Better Chip  Radish Chia Chips

I enjoyed these with my #Pubsub, and have continued enjoying the goodness at home, especially dipped in hummus. They also have other flavors, including Beets, Spinach and Kale, Jalapeno and Chipotle. Compared to regular potato chips, these guys have minimal, wholesome ingredients, and are whole grain.

Radish Chia Chips Radish Chia Chips

Mango Chipotle Salmon Creations

This flavor combo was so so good!! I love salmon, but this extra flavor helps so much. The packs are small, though, so while they are perfect for a snack, you may need a few for a full meal.

Sometimes I have trouble finding certain flavors in the grocery store as it can be hit or miss, but thankfully, we have Amazon!

Salmon Sensations

Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado  Yogurt Dressing

This was a fun Target find and it tastes just like it sounds – creamy, cilantro-y and satisfying. Usually I opt for a balsamic vin on my salads and veggies, but this is great for if/when you want something a little thicker, or resembling ranch.

Bolthouse Farms

Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars

I may have mentioned these on the blog before, but you guys, SO GOOD. I recommend them to my clients all the time, and since I only recommend things I like, I obviously buy them all the time. They are a little pricey, but I’ve found that buying them at Walmart or Target is a few bucks cheaper.

I recently bought a new flavor I haven’t tried before – the toffee caramel chocolate chip. So good. If you let them melt a little bit, they get a bit creamier. Put it in a bowl and mix some peanut butter and ice cream in.

Yasso Bars

Kodiak Cakes

I mentioned these in Monday’s post, but I am newly obsessed with Kodiak Cakes now. As a lazy pancake lover (meaning someone who appreciates them but never wants to take the time to make my own batter), this is genius! Plus, the peanut butter flavor with extra protein is all I need.

Kodiak Cakes, Grocery Finds

Short list of ingredients: Whole grain wheat flour, protein blend, peanuts, brown sugar, oat flour, baking powder and sea salt.

Kodiak Cakes, Grocery Finds

And it results in…

Kodiak Cakes, Grocery Finds

Organic Pop Kettle Popcorn

I’m a girl with a sweet tooth, so I gotta try this kettle pop. I haven’t gotten into it yet but I’ll share my thoughts!

Grocery finds

What are you up to this weekend? We have a wedding in Columbia tomorrow, and I have a long run on the schedule. Other than that, it’s up for grabs! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Let’s chat:

Do you love the grocery store? Any fun finds lately?

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  1. YES I love the grocery store (if I’m not in a hurry haha). I like leisurely grocery store trips. Good to hear that those frozen yogurt bars are good because I trust your taste in ice cream 🙂

  2. I seriously need to try Kodiak Cakes! My latest grocery store find was this sprouted fat seed bread by Alvarado Street Bakery- it’s different, not sure if I would buy it again but I will definitely be trying more sprouted grain products!

  3. KODIAK cakes makes the best mixes. Also, those radish chips sound really interesting. I would love to try.

    My most recent grocery find? Hmm… My favorite has been finding different new flavors of yogurt from Noosa Yogurt, a Colorado based brand.

  4. I’ve been feeling completely un-jazzed/bored/unwilling with food lately, so this post was actually really nice to spark some foodie excitement back in me. I’d love to try those radish chips and that crazy popcorn most of all…. I’m on a salty thing. Though your idea to melt that yogurt bar with peanut butter and ice cream? Um…. this is why you are a genius. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some sort of foodie splurge this weekend. Thanks, Sarah.

    1. I know that feeling, and I experienced it a few weeks ago. Nothing in my own kitchen seemed excited. Hopefully trying some new fun grocery products can help!