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Heirloom is a little bit off the beaten path and certainly not what you would expect, given the quality of the food and service.
The building looks a little old and worn down, and the inside has some resemblance to a barn.

Heirloom Restaurant, NC

Everything on their menu is local and “farm to table,” and if it can’t be sourced in North Carolina, they won’t include it on their menu. Even the spirits and alcohol (aside from wine) is local to NC. Gotta love and respect that!

Heirloom Restaurant, NC

Heirloom Restaurant, NC

I was actually hoping to try their well known 6 course menu, but they were offering their 4 course Valentine’s Day menu, so we tried that.  The service was very good throughout our dinner. Your water will constantly be refilled, they pour the wine for you, and food is timely. For Valentine’s Day, they offered 4 courses for $55.00. I started with the Poached Egg for my first course, which included toast porridge, lamb sausage, charred jalapenos and some greens. This was good, except a little too spicy for me with the charred jalapenos. I think next time I’ll ask for those on the side!

Heirloom Restaurant, NC
For the second course, I went with the NC Lump Crab Cake. These were delicious atop the beautifully colored sumac red rice. The crab cakes were tender and flavorful, and held together well.  Ed had the grassfed steak, which was also tasty!

Lastly, for my 4th course, I chose the Cheerwine Pound Cake, served with chocolate buttercream,and  pepper and beet cookie crumble. I love ordering “out of the box” idea dishes, and I was pleasantly surprised with this dish. The pound cake was light and airy, but the beet cookie crumble added a pleasant sweet crunch on top. I’m a sucker for buttercream, so I loved the chocolate buttercream as well. We also enjoyed the lemon smashed cheesecake, served with roasted blueberries, graham cracker and lemon curd. It was perfectly light and creamy.

I would definitely return to Heirloom to try their signature 6 courses sometime in the future!

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