Sunflour Bakery

  Dec 16, 2015  |  #Charlotte

This is one of my favorite bakeries in Charlotte. Whether you want a yummy breakfast sandwich, a croissant (one of the top in Charlotte), a bakery treat, french press coffee, chai, or anything really, this is where you should come. 

This is my go-to for my working environment. There is so much natural light and there is a persistent, yummy smell (which may be distracting)…

sunflour inside

Here’s the blueberry croissant that I thoroughly enjoyed.



And then, this fig and brie sandwich was to die for, with green apple and arugula on toasted rosemary bread. I added an egg too!

fig and brie

Anddd, another of my favorites – the cheddar biscuit. This thing is so large and cheddar-y, and comforting. So doughy and delicious. I had mine with an egg, baked tomatoes, provolone, spinach and avocado.


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