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30 Ideas For What To Do With Leftover Sweetpotatoes

Sweetpotatoes are a versatile and tasty way to add vitamins, minerals, and fiber, to your diet. If you’ve got leftover sweetpotatoes, you can easily repurpose them in a new recipe. Here are 25+ delicious leftover sweetpotato recipes.

sweet potatoes, oil and spices to make sweet potato wedges in the air fryer

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Sweetpotatoes are one of the most nutrient-packed carbohydrates you can eat and are a true pantry staple.

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, sweetpotatoes are versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes.

If you’re wondering what to do with leftover sweetpotatoes, you’re in the right spot.

We already know that sweetpotatoes pair well with nearly everything (see what to eat with sweetpotatoes).

Did you know that you can also cook with leftover mashed sweetpotatoes, or add them to a slew of things?

In fact, I like to bake a bunch of sweetpotatoes at once to keep in the fridge to use in some recipes to cut back on prep time.

quinoa and sweet potato salad topped with lemons slices in white bowl with spoon

That way, when I’m wondering what to do with extra sweetpotatoes, I have a whole slew of ways to use them.

Sweetpotatoes are also my favorite canvas for seasoning in fun ways for babies.

For example, nutmeg and cinnamon and butter. Or, italian seasoning and garlic. Or, cumin and a bit of salt and pepper. So many ways to introduce spices and herbs for baby.

One of my favorite simple meal prep tips is to repurpose a food or ingredient – then, it’s almost like a brand new meal with way less effort on your part.

Just make sure you store them correctly to be able to reuse them.

You can refrigerate sweetpotatoes after baking, mashing, or roasting them— and they’ll keep for 3-5 days when properly stored.

chopped sweetpotatoes on green cutting board

We have several ideas for what to do with leftover mashed sweetpotatoes and leftover baked sweetpotatoes so you can repurpose them and reduce food waste.

Nutrition Content of Sweetpotatoes

Besides being one of my favorite foods, I can list a number of reasons to eat sweetpotatoes:

  • High in fiber: Sweetpotatoes contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps with digestion and satiety. Meanwhile, soluble fiber helps to improve heart health and feed gut bacteria for optimal gut health.
  • Excellent source of vitamin A: Packed with beta-carotene and lutein, the precursors to vitamin A, sweetpotatoes are a great way to get in antioxidants. Antioxidants like lutein promote eye health.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: The beta-carotene and antioxidants in sweetpotatoes also fight inflammation in the body, offering protection against disease.
  • High in potassium: Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte involved in fluid balance, nerve regulation, and heart health. On top of that, diets rich in potassium have been shown to lower blood pressure.
  • The perfect source of fuel: Sweetpotatoes are a carbohydrate food to fuel your body for any activity. Whether you are hungry from breastfeeding a baby or fueling for a marathon, you need to properly nourish your body.
  • Improve health: Sweetpotatoes also have also been found to lower blood glucose and cholesterol.
sweet potatoes in bowl

Versatility of Sweetpotatoes For All Ages

Sweetpotatoes are a food enjoyed by all ages.

First, sweetpotatoes are one of my favorite baby-led weaning foods with a stellar nutrition profile.

There are so many ways to cook sweetpotato for baby led weaning – from mashing it into purees, to serving as a finger food, to adding to pancakes and more.

Then, as babies grow into toddlers, sweetpotatoes offer a beautiful color (which can help picky eating) and sweet taste.

Sweetpotato finger foods can be great for toddlers!

air fried sweet potato wedges on cutting board with dipping sauce

And of course, adults love them too!

Besides providing all of the previously mentioned benefits, you can also eat sweetpotatoes so many ways – Baked, roasted, sauteed.

We always love to use leftover mashed sweetpotatoes in baked goods for a nutritional boost for the whole family.

How to Store Sweetpotatoes

Properly storing sweetpotatoes is important for their shelf life, so here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you store them properly, they will last longer, and they are also freezer friendly after cooked!

Can cooked sweetpotatoes be refrigerated?

Raw sweetpotatoes should be stored in a cool, dark space, and can be good for 2-3 weeks. However, after cooking sweetpotatoes, let them cool completely before putting them in the fridge. Store them in an airtight container, and they will be good for 3-5 days.

Can cooked sweetpotatoes be frozen?

Yes, cooked sweetpotatoes can be frozen. After boiling, baking, mashing, etc., let them cool completely. Then, wrap them individually in freezer-safe bags or containers. I will also use my stasher bags for frozen baked sweetpotato cubes or fries. They are safe in the freezer for 4-6 months.

How to thaw frozen sweetpotatoes

To thaw frozen sweetpotatoes, you have a few options. You can just re-heat them in the oven or on the stove. You can also place them in the fridge overnight to help them thaw.

25 Ideas For What to Make with Leftover Sweetpotatoes

Whether you have extra or leftover sweetpotatoes, use this list when you’re in need of some inspiration or unique ways to cook with sweet potatoes.

Here are 25+ of my favorite leftover sweetpotato recipes to help you reduce food waste, maximize flavor, and save on groceries!

Leftover Sweetpotato Recipes

Here are 20+ leftover sweetpotato recipes and ideas if you ever find yourself wondering what to do with leftover sweet potatoes.

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