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Baby Led Weaning 9 Months Run Down

Baby led weaning at 9 months is so fun and such an exciting time with your baby. Read on for tips and tricks, and our favorite baby led weaning 9 month recipes.

baby sitting in high chair at 9 months

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Here we are at 9 months, and Sawyer is a great little eater.

At this point, I feel comfortable pretty much serving him anything (except honey and added sugars, of course).

Baby led weaning at 9 months has been SO fun.

I’m much less anxious or nervous, and more excited to watch him explore his food, ask for more, and see what he is starting to prefer.

Every baby is different, and he is different than my first two girls.

In fact, they didn’t really start “eating” in our baby led weaning introductions until 10.5-11 months.

Sawyer, on the other hand, will eat anything and everything I offer to him.

He’s a hungry little dude, so our blw meals at 9 months are almost as much as what my 3-year-old and 5-year-olds are eating (maybe just cut differently).

Here’s what our baby led weaning at 9 months looks like, and if you’re curious about previous months, check out:

baby eating asparagus at table

Baby Led Weaning 9 Month Schedule

7am – Wakeup and milk

730/8am – For our baby led weaning breakfast at 9 months, we usually do oatmeal or eggs.

930/10am – Milk and Nap – Not all babies will need milk but for us, it’s more for comfort and to help him fall asleep.

12pm – Lunch – Scroll down for lunch ideas for baby led weaning 9 months.

2:30 pm – Nap

4:00-4:30 – Milk or snack

5:30 – Dinner

6:45 – Milk and bed

For many, blw lunch ideas for 9 months can be challenging.

I’ll say that lunch is usually leftovers from the night before, or a fruit/veg with beans, eggs, tuna or a My Serenity Kids pouch.

Here’s a video of serving lunch to my 9 month old.

Baby Led Weaning Foods for 9 Month Old

Our baby led weaning foods for 9 months looks very much similar to those of earlier posts, at 6 months and 7 months.

However, Sawyer continues to eat more. He now has two bottom teeth, so that helps a bit more with chewing our favorite 9 month old blw recipes.

We’ve added Cheerios in, since he can crunch more now.

I’ll usually put cheerios or puffs on his high chair tray to give me some time to prepare his meal.

baby sitting in high chair picking up egg

He is always hungry and starts to make noise when he knows food is coming, as you can see from the above video.

So, cheerios or peanut puffs come in handy!

Here are some of the other baby led weaning foods for 9 months we serve:

Favorite Equipment

We pretty much use all of the EZPZ products since they have an awesome development team that creates things based on baby’s needs for their age and developmental milestones.

baby eating yogurt in high chair

The mini cuputensilsbowl and tiny placemat are all great for babies just starting solids!

Everyone may have their own forms of these things that work for them, but these are what we love!

  • CPR class – While this doesn’t technically fall under equipment, it DEFINITELY falls under proper preparation. Make sure you have taken this in the rare instances that your baby chokes and you feel confident in knowing what to do!
  • Born to Eat book – This has fun recipes and tips for serving solids to babies to create a good relationship with food.
  • Sturdy high chair with foot rest – Since your baby needs to be sitting independently, you want something sturdy for them to be sitting in. It is not safe to feed them on your lap. You want to be looking at them always. I love this one since it transforms into a helper for the toddler years!
  • Long sleeved waterproof bibs with a pocket (you’ll be surprised at how much food goes in that pocket!) or any bib with a pocket (I find silicone bibs easiest to clean)
  • Splat Mat – essentially to make clean up easier below the high chair (or a good dog 🙂 )
  • Mesh Feeders – These can be great for those who want a modified BLW or just some easier to swallow options before doing full-on solids
  • Silicone plates and bowls – this works great for feeding oatmeal
  • Tiny cup – This is great for starting to introduce water
  • 360 Cup – One baby can hold and tip the cup, this is wonderful and will last until toddler years. 

BLW Dinner Ideas 9 Months

Here are some of my favorite baby led weaning dinner ideas for 9 month olds.

Of course, you are likely eating the same foods, making dinner prep easier. You can cut baby’s food appropriately but still serve the same meal for all.

This is the basis of baby led weaning. Here are our favoerite dinners that offer several nutrient for babies.

sweet potato spaghetti noodles

How to Properly Cut Food at 9 Months

Most babies will have the pincer grasp at 9 months, meaning they can pick up food between their two fingers.

  • You can continue to serve food in strips, but also offer smaller pieces to test their pincer grasp.
  • We do this by serving cut-up blueberries or raspberries for him to grasp. The Cheerios help with this too, and keep him entertained for longer.
  • Remember, you still want food to be “squishable” so baby can mash it with teeth or gums. Nothing hard or raw.
  • Still cook most veggies and fruits (like hard apples or pear slices), or if I let him gnaw on something hard, I’m constantly watching him.
baby eating roasted carrots in high chair

Other Table Tips For 9 Month Olds

  • Sign Language – You can start teaching baby sign language now
  • Babies still need breastmilk or formula at this time. You can always offer them milk/formula first to ensure they get those necessary nutrients before offering solids.
  • Don’t be discouraged if your baby isn’t eating a lot – babies are SO different. That’s why breastmilk or formula is still the main source of nutrition at this age.
  • Continue serving new foods each week – you are exposing your baby to all of the textures, flavors and seasonings.
  • Keep in mind that babies should still NOT be given honey, added sugars, or large amounts of salt.
  • We love pouches for on the go! My Serenity Kids are my absolute favorite since they have protein and fat, unlike most pouches which are just fruits and veggies.

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