Separate Yourself from Food

  Mar 2, 2017  |  #Healthy Living

March is National Nutrition Month, in case you haven’t heard. The theme this year is, Put Your Best Fork Forward.

To me, this means that we shouldn’t judge others for their food choices, or the food they eat. There’s no one diet or lifestyle that’s ideal for everyone, and there’s no better or best when comparing diets to one another.

Separate Yourself from food

We shouldn’t judge food as good or bad, just like we are not good or bad based on what we choose to eat. Because we are not our food. We chose our foods and that is it.


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What we choose to put on our fork or spoon, or in our mouth, is right for us in the moment, and we shouldn’t give a second thought to it. We should just plain ole enjoy it!

Ice Cream

Take the time to savor it, and appreciate the energy it is providing us with.

Focus on you and what’s on your fork, not the person next to you.

It’s not about perfection and it never will be. There’s no such thing as perfect. It’s okay if sometimes your choices are dictated by your mood. And it’s okay if you don’t get any fruits or veggies in some days. It’s okay if you buy soup that’s full of sodium because you don’t feel like cooking, or eat out 3 nights a week. What matters is that you are balancing those choices with fruits and veggies, some low sodium options, and some homemade wholesome meals too. Health is not dictated by one, two or even 10 food choices.

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Try to be in tune with your hunger level and feed your body what it is really craving at that time (Read here for more about cravings).

Blueberry chocolate chip donuts..Recipe coming soon!


How I Put My Best Fork Forward

I eat loads of spinach and oatmeal, but save plenty of room for ice cream and cookies

Order a full fat latte just because I feel like it

I load up on pasta when my body is craving it, and I load up on salads when my body needs veggies and fiber

Nourish my body with Fish Oil and Probiotic supplements

I aim for 20-25 grams of protein per meal

Balance eating out with cooking in, but when I eat out, I

I’m not perfect, and what I do and eat can be messy 87% of the time. But boy do I enjoy it.

Separate from Food

Every single time I put food into my mouth, I enjoy it. And you should too.

Linking up with Amanda for thinking out loud!

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If you could make the perfect milkshake, what would you put in it?

34 responses to “Separate Yourself from Food

  1. You, my dear, are truly the best dietician one could ever ask for. You resembles everything it means to live with true health. With balance, compassion, awareness and enjoyment for what food is. I strive to have your same mentality.
    Milkshake? Oh man. I think I’d have to just go straight vanilla ice cream, milk, banana, and real vanilla bean extract. Is banana weird in a milkshake?

  2. I love this! It’s so simple yet so hard to grasp. Once I realized this though, enjoying food and life in general is so much better! Perfect milkshake for me would be a full fat coconut milk base with strawberries and chocolate!

  3. Coming from a dietitian I really respect, this is such amazing and comforting advice. I LOVE to eat carbs sometimes and a huge salad sometimes. I enjoy a milkshake and fries; I also love roasted veggies and veggie packed soup. And I’m learning that I have freedom, by God’s grace, to enjoy a little bit of everything!

  4. Omg- Yes! Seriously this is the best! Just like I tell my children, if you all worried about yourselves as much as you freak out and judge other people, your world would be much simpler and happier! As a Diabetic, there are foods that I need to avoid, foods I can eat in moderation and that may be 100% different from anyone else on the planet and that is OK!

  5. Love this! Everyone has their own unique definition of what is healthy for them – we have no place or reason to judge another for the way they choose to feel best in their body. Glad there are RD’s out there that preach this <3

  6. I love your philosophy! Health and nutrition is so individual. Of course there are the basic guidelines, but doing what is right for your body and mind is a huge contributing factor too.

  7. I love this! I also love how you usually do not hashtag your food to justify it. I just wrote a rant about this. I really respect you Sarah.
    My perfect milkshake is cake batter with cookie dough in it 🙂 Topped with sprinkles of course!

  8. Yesss! Food is meant to be enjoyed, not eaten with ten billion rules and so much judgement!

    As for my perfect milkshake, can I just have the milkshake fillings in an ice cream bowl? ???? I’m not much of a milkshake or smoothie fan!

  9. Man, I 100% agree with this. If you are going to eat something, be okay with it an ENJOY IT! There is nothing worse than feeling like crap after you eat something even though you found it to be absolutely delicious and was everything that you wanted!

  10. Mmm I’ve been craving a shamrock shake, so I may have to go with peppermint, but maybe like mint cookies & cream? My favorite dari-bar lets you turn ANY of their hard serve ice creams (or more than one) into a milkshake, so you end up with delicious chunks of goodness in each one. Mmm.

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