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27 Easy No Bake Recipes for Kids

These easy no bake recipes for kids are the go to’s when you have no energy for meal prep and no time to wait for the oven to heat up! Enjoy these healthy no cook snacks any time of day.

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Do you struggle to come up with super simple, quick, easy to make snacks without cooking?

I know that at times, I do. At the end of the week, I often need some inspiration for these no bake recipes for kids, to plan ahead for our weekend gymnastics and soccer outings.

Healthy no cook snacks work well for nearly every population!

Consider them as healthy snacks for athletes, go-to options for busy professionals, a healthy homemade toddler snack and even as fuel for non refrigerated healthy road trip snacks

vegan trail mix bars cut after coming out of the freezer

Why You’ll Love These No Bake Recipes for Kids

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good muffin when there’s time – these kid friendly muffins are our jam.

But, time is usually limited, so there are so many reasons to love these healthy no cook snacks!

  • You don’t need an oven – These are great for the warmer months, and when you don’t want to wait for the oven to pre-heat!
  • You control the ingredients – Do you want them sweeter or less sweet? You control what you add in. Great for allergens, too!
  • Ready in minutes – Self-explanatory, I believe! Many of these easy no bake recipes with few ingredients come together in minutes. Some require a little more prep.
  • Rely on pantry staples – Use up those budget-friendly pantry staples!
  • Great for kids and adults – While no bake recipes can be fun for kids (they can help!), let’s be honest and state that these are just as great for adults.
  • Great for prepping ahead of time – Prepping for weekend games or practices? Easy no bake snacks for the busy workday? Many of these also double as a way to meal prep oats, too!
  • Younger kids, teens and older kids too! So many no bake healthy recipes rely on pantry staples, so many of these come in handy as college meal prep recipes!
  • Easy to freeze – I love making extra servings when I have the time to just freeze for later. My kids love them too, because then they have an easy addition to their lunch.
  • Adaptable – Many of these recipes are adaptable and can be made gluten-free, dairy-free, or completely vegan. This makes it easier for you to prep something that could be suitable for the whole family. 
baby oatmeal bites on white plate

Part of parenthood (and really, any busy adult) is simplification. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized I pay more for and put more value on convenience.

There is nothing more precious than time, and as a mom with three littles, I really don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen right now.

I love baking, but no bake snacks really have the edge when little ones are always needing you.

Did I mention that many of these no bake recipes for kids are actually great examples of healthy snacks while breastfeeding and nourishing postpartum snacks?

You can have most of these easy to make snacks without cooking ready with minimal effort and pretty instantaneously.

no bake carrot cake bars cut into squares on gray plate with gold lining and raisins on plate

As previously mentioned, a great thing about no cook snacks is that you can often make them in bulk – I always make extra healthy snacks to freeze when I have a lot of energy so my future self (with not a lot of energy) can reap the benefits.

Making freezable snacks also comes in handy for pregnancy and new parenthood, traveling, post workout snacks and more. 

Staple Ingredients in No Cook Snacks

Firstly, these no bake snack recipes are homemade with ingredients you can pronounce and find easily (if you use thrive market, you can order pretty much all my staples to have directly shipped to you).

glass bowl with ingredients with baby energy balls

Secondly, no preservatives are necessary here. What you see is what you get!

So, I like to bring these as no cook recipes for the classroom, or pack them in our favorite snack spinner for trips.

Once you make them, they make for easy fridge snacks to grab and go. Just like my favorite homemade running snacks.

The majority of these no cook snacks for kids have fruits and vegetables included in them which means even when you’re snacking, you’re contributing towards your 5-a-day! 

clear jars with pantry staples

Here are some of the ingredients you’ll want to keep on hand for easy no bake childrens recipes.

thrive market

Snacks are actually a great way to add MORE fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Better yet – Kid friendly no cook recipes are great ways to introduce kids to more fruits/veggies or get them in the kitchen, since they can help with most of the steps.

No mixing of raw eggs, no hot things coming out of the oven.

Let them experiment and see what they can create!

Spoonful of cherry chocolate chia pudding closeup

No bake healthy snacks for kids for the win.

It can be as easy as letting them help cut carrots and cucumbers into slices for a platter, and serve with ranch dipping sauce or hummus. We love these kids’ knives for such purposes. 

Or, incorporating some fun food activities for toddlers when mixing foods or using ingredients.

baking sheet with chocolate date oat balls with pomegranate seeds

Packing No Bake Snacks for Travel

The added joy of these no bake snack recipes is that they can be made quickly and easily.

There’s no baking involved (the clue’s in the name!) which means you really can make these in minutes.

If you decide to do a last minute workout or have a long car journey coming up (road trip snacks for kids!), you can whip these together and have them ready in no time for on the go.

Many healthy no bake snacks for kids are small and easily replicated, so you can split them up into smaller containers to transport them wherever you may be off to. 

Or, make this healthy homemade trail mix recipe and put it in a stasher bag for road trips, and grab and go options. 

homemade trail mix on granite countertop | Bucket List Tummy

I’ll usually make a bunch of diy yogurt pouches, stick them in the freezer for an hour, and then they’ll be perfectly cold for our trip.

We also like to have them as a dessert after a meal, or even pair them with meals depending on what we’re having.

The possibilities for when to have these amazing kid friendly no bake recipes are endless!

Conveniently, a lot of these recipes include very similar ingredients.

This makes simple meal prep a lot easier because you don’t have a shopping list as long as your arm to make something that is meant to be quick & easy!

Easy No Bake Recipes for Kids

These healthy no bake recipes for kids include easy to make snacks without cooking to simplify healthy eating in a busy lifestyle.

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